Goundamani died – Tamil Comedian Goundamani dead

March 17, 2010 · 59 comments

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As per the sources( not confirmed), Tamil comedian Goundamani died today. In recent days, he was in an quite unhealthy condition.

Due to his unhealthy conditions, recently Goundamni was admitted in a private hospital after reported to be suffering breathing trouble.

This news came very shockingly to many actors and close relatives as they rushed to the hospital to meet Tamil actor Goundamani.

The death news regarding Goundamani is not confirmed till now. But the final health news about him will be updated in few hours.

Goundamani is died news reportedly ran across the internet but whether he is dead or not is not confirmed till now. Will be posting soon.

Goundamani is a Tamil film actor and comedian. He is/was renowned for his acts with Senthil in the Tamil cinema. He is known in Tamil cinema for his insult comedies. He was the comedian that Tamil cinema was mostly interested in before the arrival of Vivek and Vadivel. His fans are awaiting to see the movie Jagghubai starring him along with Sarath Kumar.


Goundamani didn’t died…it was rumor

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