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April 1, 2010

Google changed its name to Topeka on April fool day – But why

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Today on 1st of April on April fool day, Google changed its name to Topeka. Google changed its name to give tribute to the city Topeka Kansas.

Earlier as per CNN, Topeka City with a population of 1.22 lakh changed its name to Google. Just one month back, Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten announced they will change the name Topeka to Google Kansas.

Google so overwhelmed with this step, changed its name to Topeka on 1st of April 2010, may be its just a April Fool day. But its big tribute of google towards Topeka City.

Earlier today – Google CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt announced on the official blog – Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas stunned the world by announcing that his city was changing its name to Google. We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st, Google has officially changed our name to Topeka.
topeka google
Also they told that – Finally, we want to be clear that this initiative is a one-shot deal that will have no bearing on which municipalities are chosen to participate in our experimental ultra-high-speed broadband project, to which Google, Kansas has been just one of many communities to apply.

February 10, 2010

Google Buzz revolutionizing social networking – Full features

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Google yesterday announced its own version of social networking with all new concept and features. Google released google buzz yesterday in order to stand in the market set by Facebook and twitter.

Google buzz lets you share video, images and links to your contacts in Gmail. This concept is almost same as Facebook newsfeed or twitter tweeting concept. It works within your Gmail and plays easily with all your media stuff among your friends in your contacts.

Some of the features that comes handy for use are

See updates in real time – New posts and comments automatically pop in as they happen. No refresh is required

Rich and fast sharing combines sources like Picasa and Twitter into a single feed, and it includes full-sized photo browsing

Share publicly or privately – You can publish your ideas to the world or just to your closest friends that you want to.

Inbox integration – Comments get sent right to your inbox so it’s easy to keep the conversation going.( Buzz features emails that update dynamically with all Buzz thread content)

Other than these there are tonnes of feature of google buzz. If you want to give a hand on it. then go get it here.

January 28, 2010

Google transliteration IME in 14 new indian languages

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Today Google India announced officially the availablity of Google transliteration in 14 languages. These fourteen Indian languages are Arabic, Bengali, Farsi (Persian), Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

To use it you have to download only Google Transliteration IME(it’s free and there’s no signup required), you can type a word the way it sounds using Latin characters and it will convert the word to its native script. This Google Transliteration IME currently supports 32-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Google IME is very easy to install and use. Just you have to download the installer and get going. If you are unable to uninstall, here is the detailed process.

Google Transliteration IME provides many features which is focused on an improved user experience, including offline support, word completion, personalized choices, easy-to-use keyboard, quick search and several cool customization options. As a user types, a suggestion menu is displayed with alternatives and word completions.

Enjoy it to write any language with much ease and comfort.

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