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March 1, 2010

Results of Cat 2009 – 2010 a disaster for many students

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The results for common Admission test announced yesterday has been a hiccup for many students since the declaration.

Many students reported the unexpected decrease in their cat scores. Well definitely tolerance limit would be maximum 10%, but many candidates are reporting that their scores has made them dumbstruck.

A status message of a candidate read – ” Last year percentile 98 – this year 21.5%ile. What would be running across mind of such students who sacrifices their whole year for only one thing – Admissions to IIM.

The results has caused a chaos over mass of students and left a question mark on Cat scoring process.

SO question is that, whether Cat people or Prometric will give any justification for same, or whether they will answer only after any RTI claim.

Lets take an true example – A person gets a call from IIM Shillong for 91%ile with an academic of almost 70% in 10th and 12th with 2 year of experience & a student doesn’t get a call from IIM Shillong after securing 97%ile with academics more than 85% overall and same experience.

Well till now only two shortlist has been announced and this much drama has been recognised, what will happen when all IIM’s will declare the shortlist names. Waiting for same.

Well now the critical question for Cat takers is that whether they will continue this Online process for next year as well or come back to paper- pencil test.

February 27, 2010

Results of Cat 2009 2010 declared at catiim – IIM shortlist with scores out

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Finally Cat 2009 – 2010 results has been declared. The drama of this has finally ended. Almost 2.11 lakh students will test their luck today.

Including the results Shortlisted candidates roll number has also been displayed by Two IIM’s – IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Shillong.

But due to heavy traffic the website is not opening and its totally responsive.

The official website for Cat results is catiim.in. You can check your results here and here.

For checking the results of Common admission test- You shall need the following:
Your CAT Registration Number
Your E-mail address exactly as supplied during CAT registration, as it appears on your Admit card.

If you are unable to locate your details, you may contact Candidate Care or call the Toll Free Number 1 800 103 9293. Further details may be asked for to verify your identity.

February 26, 2010

Results of Cat 2009 – 2010 anytime on catiim.in – Features IIM Ranchi

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Today the second last day of end of February, the results of CAT 2009 – 2010 will be announced anytime. No exact time has been mentioned one the official site, but its most probable.

Cat results will test luck of almost 2.11 lakh students. The good news is that one more IIM has been introduced – its IIM Ranchi.

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi will launch its two-year Post Graduate Programme in Management from the next Academic Session 2010–2011. IIM Calcutta will mentor IIM Ranchi in its formative years. The Admissions Office of IIM Calcutta will receive and process applications from eligible candidates who would like to apply to IIM Ranchi for its two-year Post Graduate Programme in Management commencing from the next academic session 2010-2011. Fees for the two-year programme will be Rs. 3 lakh per year.

After the official announcement, CAT website will also list the names of the candidates short-listed for interviews by IIMs for PGP. Each IIM will send interview letters to the candidates it has short-listed. The criteria for short-listing varies from IIM to IIM.

Hoping the Cat results declaration drama ends very soon and students can check the results today without ruining their Holi. You can check the results after announcement on official website catiim.in

February 22, 2010

Cat 2009-2010 results update – Delayed again

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Cat results declaration announcement still looks quite hazy even at the month end. Its very unclear whats happening inside minds of cat takers and whats the solution of equation of cat results for this year 2009 – 2010.

Today on the official website an announcement again surfaced which cleared all confusion regarding the results. Confusion – Results will be declared or not.

Well the drama begun since 22nd January. The results date then delayed till third week of February due to Cat exam controversy. Again when one’s expecting, it again delayed for month’s end.

No exact date can be figured even by the officials, therefore the uncertainty for the cat results again prevails.

So the future of 2.15 lakh candidates is still in simple harmonic motion and whether this movement will stop or not, no body knows.

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