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May 9, 2011

Dance ke superstars giving rocking dance performances in Zee TV

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With the judges like Shyamak Dabur and Remo D SOuza the new concept of Dance reality show Dance India Dance which is brought to you by ZEE TV.

After DID 1 and DID 2 it followed DID LIL Masters Dance ke baap which was followed by Dance India dance doubles competition.

Adding to the charm then started, Dance ke superstars which features performaces of best dancers of both season of DID 1 and DID2.

The hot favorites among these are Siddhesh, Prince and undoubtedly Dharmesh Sir who has rocked the stage with his lyrical hip hop and different dance act.

Following this event, another sequel is in pipeline and its Dance India Dance season 3 which will begin shortly after end of this clash of dancers.

Hoping one will see the best ever dancers in the coming dance show and hoping some best talents come out of it and make it to the Bollywood cinema and even Hollywood.

May 1, 2010

DID little masters better than Dance India Dance season 2

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After the much hyped Dance India Dance season 2 is complete where Shakti was declared the winner, it saw a new dance era to begin and it was DID L’il masters.

Truly said Child is the father of the man, if you have seen the Mumbai audition round on 30th April and 1st May – you will definitely going to feel this saying.


Some marvelous, stunning and fantastic performances were given by Little masters. Some of the best shots included Srivastan the golu, Shivam and many cute princesses.

The Mumbai edition was a charm indeed and definitely it was forcing everyone to learn dance. So Dharmesh era has ended, because these tiny talent packets are bombs having much potential than adult dancers.

See some incredible performances of these cuties next Friday and wait for more fire which is coming for sure.

April 23, 2010

Dance India Dance Season 2 winner is Shakti Mohan – Dharmesh sir first runner up

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So here is the winner of Dance India Dance season 2 and its first female winner – Shakti Mohan. Shakti grabbed the maximum vote followed by Dharmesh Yelande, Punit and Binny Sharma.

Shakti Mohan from Terence ki Toli bagged this year Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi. Dharmesh was also a big contender for the same. but he never managed it at last in heart of DID fans.


Though Punit and Binny was nowhere in scenario from many weeks, the real competition was between Dharmesh and Shakti Mohan. But this year it was chance for first lady dancing star Shakti Mohan.

Not confirmed, but it seems Punit was only in top three because he was the only one left representing Remo Sir. So he had to be it, just like Siddhesh last year( strictly personal opinion). Binny with her cute smile came at fourth position.

Shakti Mohan went on to win a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs, and she also got an opportunity to shoot for a promotional music video with Bolly Superstar Akshay Kumar for his upcoming film Tees Maar Kha. She was also presented with a beautiful new WagonR by Maruti Suzuki.

Congrats all for being top dancers of India.

April 7, 2010

Dance India Dance April 9th – Amrita will be eliminated

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Now here goes the another unexpected results after the Chummeshwari performance of Amrita. Yes on 9th April Dance India Dance episode, Amrita will be eliminated as known from the sources.

This result is quite shocking as in her last dance performance, she got huge round of applause from all three masters including – ” thats what i call a performance”. But unexpectedly she has been eliminated.


Dharmesh sir again become the highest voted contestants this week making it five times and it was followed by Punit and then Shakti who grabbed the third spot.

Bottom two spots were for Amrita and Amar. And beautiful and cute Binny despite her bad Performance doesn’t voted less than Shakti as she got the fourth spot.

The next performance on 10th of April will feature dance with some Zee TV stars and they are – Amrita with Afsha Mushani (lil champ host girl)
Shakti with Sushant Rajput aka Manav (Pavitra Rishta), Amar with Ankita Lokhande aka Archana (Pavitra Rishta), Punit with Swarn Abha (Yaaha Mein Ghar Ghar Kheli), Binny with Shekhar (Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo), Dharmesh with Jasveer Kaur.

Now the manipulation time for Dance India Dance started for sure which i will explain in next article under category Dance India Dance. Keep visiting

April 1, 2010

Dance India Dance season 2 – Saajan will be eliminated

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After elimination of Jack in episode of 26th April, Saajan Singh will be eliminated in next show on 2nd April as confirmed from the sources.

Dharmesh Sir has again topped the chart followed by Shakti Mohan and third spot this time is for Punit. The least voted contestant apart from Saajan Singh is Binny. Credit goes to Remo bad comments on Binny performance.

On 2nd April, Dharmesh will perform on lyrical hiphop, Saajan will do locking, Binny Sharma will do hiphop, Shakti will do popping, Punit will do break dance and Amar will do funky dance style.

On 3rd of April, you can see the performance of last DID season 1 performers and the list goes like this – Sunita Gogoi & Amrita, Dharmesh & Siddhesh, Jai Kumar Nayer & Shakti Mohan, Binny Sharma & Mayuresh Wadhkar, Saajan & Prince, Salman & Punit, Kunwar Amarjeet & Alisha Singh.

Show will be aired on 2nd and 3rd of April and sorry for this spoiler news. This news has been confirmed from the sure sources who have never been wrong.

March 17, 2010

Kishore will be eliminated on 19th March Dance India Dance featuring Jeetendra

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Yesterday, finally it was the turn for Geeta ki gang to lose her contestants. This show was shot on Wednesday 17th 2010 and will be telecasted on 19th March Friday 2010.

Yesterday the maximum voted contestant was Shakti Mohan from Terence ki Toli while Dharmesh slipped to second position and couldn’t proved his monopoly because of judges bad comments on him despite good performance.

Shakti rising slowly from third to 2nd position and second to first position this time.

Kishore Aman and Jack Samuel Gill were in the bottom two contestants of this week. Despite the god performance, Kishore got eliminated from Dance India Dance season 2.

Amarjeet Singh being second last got third spot this time due to his previous good performance. Friday’s episode of Dance India dance will be dedicated to the ‘Great Icons’ of the film fraternity.

Many good performance were given by the contestants. Again Remo presented theme based songs and reportedly Sajjan performance brought tears in eyes of Jeetendra.

March 12, 2010

Nikkitasha eliminated in 12th march Dance India Dance season 2

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This time it was finally Nikkitasha Marwah who got eliminated in Dance india Dance season 2. Since last two episodes, she was among the lowest voted contestants and finally yesterday on 12th March, USA girl Nikkitasha Marwah got eliminated.

As per number of votes again Dharmesh topped the chart followed by Shakti and beautiful Binny Sharma. Lowest voted contestants apart from Nikkitasha Marwah was Amarjeet and Jack Samuels.


Today the best performance was given by Shakti, and hopefully she will rise to the top of the chart in next week. Despite having the best dancers in her Gang, Geeta kapoor is doing the worst job out there. Other than Amrita, everybody failed to impress from Geeta ki Gang even Dharmesh Sir.

But seeing the nice performance from Terence Ki toli, its expected that voting for Dharmesh will go down in next episode. Here are the number on which dancers performed yesterday.

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Punit performed Freestyle Dance on the song Ala Re Ala Sachin Ala

Saajan Singh performed on the song Subah Subah, Freestyle Dance

Nikkitasha Marwah performed on the song Sajna Ve Sajna, Bollywood Dance

Terence Ki Toli

Shakti Mohan performed Indian Contemporary Dance on the song Zindagi Mein Koi Kabhi Aye Na Rabba

Jack Samuels performed on Yahoo, Bollywood Freestyle

Kunwar Amarjeet performed Lyricla Hip Hop on the song Kahin Toh Hogi Woh

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny Sharma performed Contemporary Dance on the song Pyaar Tu Ne Kia Kiya

Kishore performed on Khawaja Mere Khawaja, Sufi Dance Style

Amrita performed on the song Akhiya Na Maar, Punk Dance

Dharmesh performed on the song Dhoom in Freestyle

The only requirement of the game is that Geeta kapoor should work more on dance rather than depending on the popularity of dancers. Terence doing the best job out there in Dance India Dance. Hope she learns some lessons from him.

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