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April 4, 2010

Apple Ipad apps – Gmail launched by google

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Yesterday on official Gmail blog, Google announced their new app for Apple Ipad. With his app, they are launching an experimental two-pane user interface to take advantage of its large touchscreen and tablet form factor.


This new interface of Gmail app, displays your conversations on the left and your messages on the right hand side.

This new interface will make this app quite user friendly and can mails can be easily read on such devices.
gmail on ipad
To try Gmail on Ipad, go to gmail.com in Safari or if you want quicker access then create a homescreen link for this one.

At present its oly available in US Englis only, for other language, it will be announced later.

January 29, 2010

Apple ipad – Bad aspect reviewed by others

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Much hyped Apple ipad revealed few days back, but for sure its still a hype. Hype regarding its best and worst part. Our main story writer undergo a Tete-a-Tete with some ipad reviewers yesterday, and here is the extract – mainly negative one , as positive part is flushing over internet.

First of all, its been described as hybrid product made up of combined features of an ipod and an iphone. Priced $499 to $829 depends on your pocket size and your affordabilty,but the lower one has much much disappointment to bring.

Some major negative aspects – No Flash support, No HDMI output, No SD card slot, and inability to run several apps simulataneously as stated by forbes blog. Apple ipad will mainly appeal you if you are a good gamer. i am saying so because of its clarity due to its big screen, and speed it can handle.

As per Engadget.com if a consumer who buy the unlimited data plan with the iPad can expect to spend $1500 over a 2 year period. A bit costly one. Inability to take video and take snapshot marks one more star on the negative side.

SO in a nutshell, it has both version, and it really depends on you and your requirement and of course not as good as expected by others. Nevertheless worth giving a try.

January 27, 2010

Apple launched ipad priced $499 and apps counting

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Finally much hyped Apple tablet ipad was released on 27th jan officially. The starting price of ipad is just 499$. This ipad quite resembles an iphone, expect for the type of connection it can use. It has onle 3G connectivity for data transfers.

IPad has a large, high-resolution 9.7inch LED-backlit, IPS display, and a highly responsive Multi-Touch screen. This magic machine uses a display technology called IPS (in-plane switching), it has a wide, 178° viewing angle, making it very easy to use it any directions and handle it anyway you want. Its weight is about 1.5 lbs and only 0.5 inches thin, has a slight curve at back making easy to pick up and hold comfortably.

Battery life of Apple ipad is almost 10hours while watching videos, or web browsing or listening music. battery is made up of same lithium polymer battery technology they developed for their notebook computer. Ipad soon will be available in 3G model, with super-fast data speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

Other than this, it has a storage capacity of 16, 32 or 64GB depending upon your choice, hence you can store as many media files as you want. Some of the accessories are also that has been desinged specially for ipad like Keyboard Dock, standalone Dock, Camera Connection Kit, cable output to TVs and projectors & this list goes beyond and beyond.

Regarding the apps, Apple has already made available 140000 apps for ipad and its counting. From games to business apps, everything is available in store, you have to just browse through them.

Here is one of the official video to know more about this product.

Enjoy this product as it will be soon available in market. Enjoy this gadget from Apple.

Dreamhost Apple-A-Day contest announced for US residents

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Today Apple will announce about their major new product i.e. Apple tablet. On this eve, Dreamhost has announced a contest regarding the same. But the limitation is that, its only for US residents and not opened for all people outside US.

The condition to participate in this is that one should  not be employee nor related to employees of DreamHost.  And the most important of all, you do not require any eligibilty for this.

To participate in this contest you have to To enter, simply post a “tweet” via twitter that includes the word DreamHost in it (upper case and content of tweet do not matter… but spelling does!).

The prize for this is $10000 worth of Apple Tablet. If no such announcement made, then they will give 10000$ in parts to the winner. They will determine the number of winners by dividing 1000$ by the amount of an Apple tablet. The only condition is that one should not use the word fail in his/her tweet in the whole day, otherwise his all tweet will fail.

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