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September 19, 2010

WWE night of champions 2010 live streaming and results

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The main event of this month in WWE Pay perview is – Night of champions. Some of the greatest matches will be the showcase of today’s night.

Before going to the live streaming links and results of the night of champions 2010, here is the brief preview of the matches that will be played today.

World heavyweight champion Kane vs. The Undertaker in a no-holds-barred match ( best match to see), U.S. championship The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan, Intercontinental championship – Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston, The Big Show vs. CM Punk

Other important matches of the day are WWE Divas champion Melina vs. Michelle McCool in a Lumberjill match to unify the women’s titles, WWE tag team champions The Hart Dynasty vs. opponents yet to decide and last but not the least – Six-pack elimination challenge for WWE title: Champion Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton).

Since the live coverage is going on, hence some of the results are out, New United States Champion is Daniel Bryan. He defeated Miz on the line.

July 19, 2010

WWE Money in the bank results

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Yesterday the main event of the month of WWE – Money in the bank witnessed some of the big upsets. Some new champions were crowned and some remained with their title. Many good fights and action packed clash were the showcase of WWE money in the bank.


Here are the complete results of World Wrestling entertainment month special Money in the bank which featured many championships and steel briefcase ladder match for Championship contract.

In a steel cage match, WWE Champion Sheamus defeated John Cena. Despite goof fight and being on almost the verge of championship, Cena returned to lose the game and Sheamus remained the WWE champion.

World Champion Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger and the big red monster Kane defeated Rey Mysterio and become the New World Champion. In other match The Miz won Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Kane won SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso, Divas Champion Alicia Fox defeated Eve and Women’s Champion Layla defeated Kelly Kelly

July 18, 2010

WWE money in the bank live streaming today and results later

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The event of the month for this time in WWE is Money in the bank where all star will fight at the money in the bank. A guaranteed championship match hangs 20 feet above the ring in the steel briefcase.

In the main match of this event World Champion Rey Mysterio will attempt to defend his coveted title against the former champion Jack Swagger. At Fatal 4-Way match where Jack Swagger was challenged by three other super stars Rey Mysterio, Big Show and CM Punk, and master of 619 claimed the victory.

Apart from the 619 and Swagger match, other two matches that will be the area of focus are Raw- Money in the bank and Smackdown- Money in the bank match.


In Raw- money in the bank – Eight Superstars of Raw will fight to obtain a briefcase hanging precariously over the ring. The one Superstar able to ascend a ladder and snatch the case out of the air becomes the sole owner of its coveted contents which is a championship contract. The superstars clashing for this briefcase are Randy Orton, John Morrison, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, United States Champion The Miz, Ted DiBiase, Chris Jericho and Edge.

But in Smackdown, who will fight is not clear, but the winning prize is same as in Raw – a championship contract where the winner of this match may then cash in that contract and challenge the champion at any point over the next 12 months.

Watch live on pay-per-view on July 18 at 8 p.m. ET to see who will be the next Superstars to earn the “Mr. Money in the Bank” title and get the championship contract.

April 26, 2010

WWE 2010 extreme rules results

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World Wrestling Entertainment main event match Extreme rules 2010 concluded successfully yesterday. It saw many upsets and few new champions. It featured three title matches, but only one title change on yesterday Sunday in Baltimore.


The first match of WWE extreme rules was between Triple H and Sheamus. But Sheamus found nowhere and from behind he started assaulting Triple H. Triple H was attacked by lead pipe and was taken back when he become unconscious. Later Sheamus defeated Triple H.

Miz and The Big Show defeated John Morrison and R-Truth by DQ. Nature of the DQ was submission over the ropes. MVP and Mark Henry were the next pair to come through the curtain to challenge them but again they managed to win. The Hart Dynasty came at last defeated the champions in less than 10 seconds.

C M Punk defeated Rey Mysterio in the second match of WWE Extreme rules 2010.

One of the main event match included fight of WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton. Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb to retain the title which followed a RKO by Orton on the champ outside the ring.

Edge defeated Chris Jericho in the steel cage match.

Finally in Last Man Standing Match between John Cena and Batista, Cena retained the title.

April 25, 2010

WWE extreme rules live streaming 2010 payperview started

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The most anticipated day of this month in World Wrestling Entertainment has arrived as Extreme Rules 2010. WWE Extreme Rules is on air live on sky sports.


After Wrestlemania, its the first main event of World Wrestling entertainment. It will have full action, excitement, action and and never before thrill. So dont miss it.

The main fights that are scheduled for today’s big night are
1)Randy Orton vs. Batista Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship
2) The Big Show vs. John CenaSubmission match
3 )Edge vs. Jeff Hardy Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship
4) Rey Mysterio vs. Chris JerichoNo Holds Barred match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
5) CM Punk vs. Umaga Samoan Strap match
6 )Vickie Guerrero vs. Santina Marella Hog Pen match for crown of “Miss WrestleMania”
7 )Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger Triple Threat match for the ECW Championship

Watch the extreme rule spay per view match live on pay per view

March 29, 2010

WWE Wrestlemania 26 results and winners list

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WWE main event of the year – Wrestlemania 26 concluded yesterday and witnessed many excitements and upsets on the fan’s faces.

The two main events of this Wrestlemania included end of Shawn Michaels career in WWE and Victory of Bret Hart over Mc Mohan.
wrestlemania 26 results
SO here goes the complete results of WWE Wrestlemania 26 winners.

Bret Hart defeated Mr. McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match

Jack Swagger wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match

John Cena defeated Batista (and become New WWE Champion)

Randy Orton wins Triple Threat Match vs. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk

The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels ( career over)

Triple H defeated Sheamus

Unified Tag Team Champion Big Show & The Miz beat John Morrison & R-Truth

Vickie Guerrero’s team wins the 10-Diva Tag Team Match

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Edge

Yoshi Tatsu wins 26-Superstar WrestleMania Battle Royal

February 21, 2010

WWE elimination chamber 2010 live today – A preview (results later)

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Six superstars – Champion Sheamus, John Cena, Kofi kingston, Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton and Triple H will fight for the World Championship title under 4800 pounds of chain and 16 tons of steel in WWE elimination chamber match which will go live today.

Second battle is for World Heavyweight title which includes the Champion Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, R-truth, John Morrison and CM Punk and without any doubt the best one out of these will definitely be Undertaker.

Intercontinental Championship is in between Champion Drew McCintyre Vs Kane. Well seeing the size obvious kane is fovorite but he has got many upset in previous matches, so guessing will be the wastage of time.

And the most entertaining of all is the WWE divas championship. This match is between Maryse Vs Gail Kim. After the fierce battle, this will be definitely a relief to the eyes. And as per my prediction Maryse will win.

Well this match is scheduled for today on february 21st but it can be viewed outside India in US and Ireland and some other countries.

In India you can watch this match on Sunday 28th February at 5 PM on ten sports.

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