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March 6, 2010

Kruti eliminated on 5th March in Dance India Dance Season 2

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After elimination of Shashank from Top 12 after wild card entry, Kruti was the second one to be eliminated yesterday on 5th March in Dance India Dance season 2. After a boy elimination , it was girl Kruti Mahesh who got eliminated yesterday.


Last week, Kruti and Jack performed on Nazrein Milana Nazrein Churaana from Jaane tu ya jaane naa where everybody praised Jack bu Kruti was not appreciated for her dance. It was followed by mindblowing performance of Punit and Saajan on Maula mere lele meri Jaan.

On 5th March, Nikkitasha Marwah, Amrita Mitra, Kruti Mahesh and Punit Pathak got the lowest votes while Geeta ki Gang shined with a bang with top three from her side. This was again Dharmesh Sir, Binny Sharma and Kishore who grabbed top three spots.

Terence Ki Toli

Kunwar Amarjeet performed on the song Omkara, Mayurbhanj Dance

Jack performed on the song Jane Tu Mera Kya Tha, Contemporary Style

Shakti performed Bollywood Freestyle Dance on the song Na Jaane Kahan Se

Kruti performed Semi Classical Dance on Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny Sharma performed on the song Khatooba Khatooba, Belly Dance Style

Dharmesh Sir performed on the song Moriya Moriya in Freestyle

Kishore performed Ariel Contemporary Style on the song Kaise hai Yeh Rut ke

Amrita performed on Hitchki

Remo Ke Rangeeley

Saajan Singh performed B-Boying style on the song Aaja Mahi

Punit performed on the song Kangna in Hip Hop Style

Nikitasha performed on Chori Chori Chupke Chupke in Hip Hop Style

Now from last two weeks one from Remo and one from Terence group has been eliminated but lets see who will be the next to get elimination whether it will be from Geeta side. Finger crossed.

February 19, 2010

Dance India dance 2 wild card results – Dharmesh Amrita Jack Saajan in Top 12

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Today it seemed all fair when finally top best four dancers were selected out of six for the most precious Dance India Dance top 12. Top six performers who were selected in wild card were Dharmesh, Saajan, Bhavna, Jack, Amrita and Vandana. Two other players who were selected by dada were Parvez and Altaf.

On 19th February friday night after the stunning performances, total four performers were selected on the basis of SMS and online voting on zeetv website.
dance india dance 2 19th February final 12
And the final four who made it to the top 12 in serial order were Dharmesh ( of course – no doubt about that), Amrita, Jack and finally and 15 year old Saajan.

Last week the performance on Amrita made everybody spellbound as she thrown her body and knocked, slided and fell on stairs. Dharmesh did his best yet again in popping style, Saajan the best boy for B Boying and Power pack performance by Jack – made there entry smoothly to Top 12 of Dance India Dance season 2.

Bhavna and Vandana didn’t make it to the final four due to good performance of other four contestants. Nevertheless they were gems of Dance India Dance 2 and we will miss them always.

February 6, 2010

Dance India Dance 2 – Parvez and bhavna eliminated 6th February

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Yesterday on saturday, Amitabh’s favorite Parvez and Remo’s angel Bhavna got eliminated from Dance India Dance season 2.

dance india dance 2 6th February

On 5th February, Vivek Oberoi was the chief guest of the show for the promotion of his action packed movie Prince. Again Shakti stole the heart of everyone after wonderful performance.

All of the  performers then performed on these numbers.

Remo Ke Rangeelay

Nikitasha and Bhavna performed on O Humdum Suniyo Re

Punit and Shashank performed on Hero Theme Song

Terence Ki Toli

Parvez Rehmani and Kruti performed on Om Manglam Manglam

Kunwar Amarjeet and Shakti performed on Bheegi Bheegi

Geeta Ki Gang

Binny Sharma and Kishore performed on Saathiya Title Song

On saturday every master chosen two contestants from their group. Binny, Kishore, Kruti, Parvez, Bhavna and Shashank were selected for their solo performances. Dance numbers on which they performed were

Geeta Ki Gang

Kishore performed on Give me some sunshine

Binny Sharma performed on Jag Suna Suna Lage re.

Terence Ki Toli

Parvez rehmani performed on Hum They Woh Thi

Kruti Mahesh performed on Laga Chunri Mein Daag

Remo Ke Rangeelay

Bhavna performed on Yeh Dil Sun Raha hai

Shashank performed on Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai jaanam

After their solo performances, Parvez and Bhavana were eliminated from the top 12. Now the most awaited wild card entry will be introduced by Dada in next episode of Dance India Dance season 2 on 12th february.

February 2, 2010

Dharmesh Sir eliminated – Dance India Dance 2

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Dance India Dance 2 saw another big upset after the best dancer of this season Dharmesh ( Sir) got eliminated on 30th of  January last saturday.

The elimination round saw elimination of both Dharmesh and her group student Meenu.  Meenu was fair overall, but elimination of Dharmesh was not fair, when his previous performance is considered.

On 29th January whwn Amitabh was guest , Geeta gang performed some dance based totally on stunts with Binny blind folded, but of course there was less dance material in it than others.

But on 30th January, in elimination round, Geeta selected Dharmesh on kasauti, and that followed abig upset. Dharmesh danced on some keral folk dance – Taiyyam.

But Geeta has assured that , she will make sure that Dharmesh makes a wild card entry and comeback again in Dance India Dance 2. His elimination has caused a very big upset among the audience , and definitely it will effect the DID 2 TRP.

January 29, 2010

Dance India dance season 2 on 29th january with Amitabh

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Today Dance India Dance season 2 will witness biggest mega star in their studio ever. Well Amitabh bachchan’s will also elaborate his latest two movies rann which is out today and Teen Patti waiting for next week.  And after a lot n lot of time both Big Screen stars will be seen together.

dance india dance 2

Well today Big B will play with his ” TEEN PATTI”  Terence, Remo and Geeta. So definitely they are not the three cards, but they want to be. Not only the remaining performers are waiting for him but all three Gurus will also try to impress Amitabh with different stunt numbers.

Last week saw the first super star of the season 2 Salman khan who kept his promise to revisit this stage during DID season1. Two performers who were eliminated were Naresh from from Remo ke Rangeelay and Vandana from Terence ki Toli. Geeta ki Gang was completely safe as she has already kept stars in her team like Dharmesh and last week best stunt performer Binny.

Well songs that has been selected for today by Remo is Amitabh’s Apni toh jaise taise and Terence has selected a number from Dilip Kumar’s – Nain lad jaibe while Geeta performing from extract of Amitabh’s father Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s Madhushala.

So lets wait for the screen to be set on fire and let performers bedazzled others by their stupendo-fantbulously fantastic , Chummeshwari and ” That’s what i call a performance”.

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