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January 27, 2010

Dreamhost Apple-A-Day contest announced for US residents

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Today Apple will announce about their major new product i.e. Apple tablet. On this eve, Dreamhost has announced a contest regarding the same. But the limitation is that, its only for US residents and not opened for all people outside US.

The condition to participate in this is that one should  not be employee nor related to employees of DreamHost.  And the most important of all, you do not require any eligibilty for this.

To participate in this contest you have to To enter, simply post a “tweet” via twitter that includes the word DreamHost in it (upper case and content of tweet do not matter… but spelling does!).

The prize for this is $10000 worth of Apple Tablet. If no such announcement made, then they will give 10000$ in parts to the winner. They will determine the number of winners by dividing 1000$ by the amount of an Apple tablet. The only condition is that one should not use the word fail in his/her tweet in the whole day, otherwise his all tweet will fail.

January 26, 2010

Google Voice out for iphone and Palm OS

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Today Google officially launched Google voice for iphone and palm OS. This Google Voice web app is based on HTML 5 that provides you fast and handy mobile experience.

One of the most interesting part of this is that – You need not require a application to download and install. One have to just point to your web address to m.google.com/voice and sign yourself with google voice account. And the rest will be taken care off. By this method one can directly use this web app, which would have otherwise need to close your browser and open that app separately. After that you can call from your phone show your Google Voice number as the caller ID.
google voice for iphone
Some of the important features like Dialer, Compose SMS, Inbox or Contacts can be accessed quickly adding to your home screen of iphone.

Also you can send message to your friends from this app for free. To write a message Go to “Quick Compose” , type a number or select a contact, write the message and send. Its so simple with such low call rates.

For those who don’t know about this app. Here is a brief
” Google Voice is a service that enhances the existing capabilities of your phone numbers. With it, you can access your voicemail online, read automatic transcriptions of your voicemail, create personalized greetings based on who is calling, make cheap international calls,”. But this feature has not been made opened to all and at present its only invitation based.

Here is a short gudeline on how to use it on your iphone.

Enjoy this google most awaited app on your iphone now onwards.

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