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July 8, 2010

James Cameron’s Avatar movie with new footage soon

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The biggest movie of all time in terms of money earned James Cameron’s Avatar is going to be released with brand new extra eight minutes special footage. It was a 3d experience that never had been tasted earlier.

And this special addition of few minutes in Avatar movie assures guaranteed entertainment. James Cameron told that – Audience told him that they wanted little more of Pandora experience. So here it is – Avatar: Special Edition – exclusively in 3D, and will have eight minutes of never seen footage, including new creatures and and thrilling action scenes.

So this Academy Award winning 3D sci-fi movie will be released on August 27th. This special edition exclusive for Digital 3D and IMAX 3D and will be released in limited theatres worldwide – said Cameron the director of this movie.

Earning from this movie was over $2.7 billion and this figure will increase when this edition will be released worldwide.

January 24, 2010

Avatar breaks all record – Surpassed titanic

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Well James cameroon second biggest blockbuster seems occupying number one position by defeating Titanic itself in the race course. Titanic and Avatar both was directed by James Cameron, but the sci-fi action packed movie has just replaced the old Romantic and gigantic movie Titanic. In short,media is saying – Titanic again hit a iceberg called Avatar.

The News Corp studio told that Avatar has sold an whooping amount of dollar 1.841 billion worth of tickets in movie hall worldwide in its six week supremacy. And its almost close to surpass titanic which earned a handsome figur of 1.843 billion dollars. In international portion , it stands at $1.288 billion surpassing $1.242 billion of Titanic.

Well the whole credit goes to their new policy of making its 3D version whose tickets sold at the premium rates.

During the latest weekend, “Avatar” earned a gigantic amount of $36 million in North America and $107 million from 111 other international markets leaving beghind all others. It led the field in at least 29 foreign markets, including France ($123 million to date), China ($102 million), Germany ($96 million), Russia ($95 million) and Britain ($93 million).

Nevertheless this action packed scifi alien movie has done its job and only counting money due to its concept and originality in movie.

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