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February 23, 2010

Railway Budget 2010 – Watch Indian rail budget 2010 live from NDTV Aajtak

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Mamta Banerjee is going to present Railway Budget 2010 in about half hour from now. Much much expectation awaited from the common man.

Well there is speculation that no passengers fares will be touched and it will remain same as earlier while Freight charges are suppose to increase today in her budget.

Well Mamta Banerjee has already arrived in Lok Sabha and is preparing to present her Railway Budget. Many new trains are expected especially in West Bengal from Didi.

When asked to a common man, some of the issues raised by them were of course fares and cleanliness. When asked from her, She told that Railway is for the people, by the people and of the people and similarly this budget will.

Well if you want to watch Indian Railway Budget live streaming from Lok Sabha. Here is some of the channels which will provide it live telecast. You can watch live Budget from Lok Sabha at NDTV here and you can also watch live analysis and highlights at Aajtak here.

Indian Railway Budget 2010 – Expectations from Mamta Banerjee

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Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee at present might be in dilemma regarding the Indian railway Budget 2010. Whether the budget will be in favor of Common man or will it go more for revenue purpose.

Major expectations from Railway Minister is to keep passenger fares untouched so that it will be under reach of a common man.

People of West Bengal has much more expectations from her and lets see whether there is any proposal for new train routes or any increase frequency of running trains.

At present Indian Railway moves 14 million passengers with 7,000 trains daily from 6,906 stations leaving cargo trains. So question is that, whether any increase will be marked or will it be steady at present.

At present as per ministerial data, the total goods earnings grew 8.47 percent and the total passenger revenue earnings were up 7.40 percent. So definitely from this angle, it seems that freight charges will increase more profit and decrease in passenger fairs will increase people loyalty.

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